Hospital asset inventory management system
Utilizing latest track and trace technologies to streamline patient and equipment movement
Our innovative software product allows hospital staff, patients and physicians to collaborate in real-time, and co-ordinate smooth and timely order fulfillment
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Raising the bar on efficiency, accountability, and quality care to maximize patient satisfaction
Begin by replacing ad-hoc and stressful manual operations with intelligent and automated technology solutions to make ancillary services truly supportive.
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Created to deliver a superlative healing environment
Compassionate care happens when medical professionals focus on patient engagement, patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. Support services staff should be empowered with digital technology carry out their responsibilities effectively: equipment cleaning, order delivery, inventory management, and safety compliance. Streamline these activities with WeGotIt™.
Web & Mobile Access
WeGotIt is a versatile application that can be accessed both on the Web (through a browser) and on your mobile phone. It enables various user groups to interact and find information on hospital resources such as: equipment location, medical supplies, patient data – admission, tests, samples, discharge, cleaning status and safety compliance.
Requestor Portal
The solution allows authorized users (typically doctors, nurses, paramedics, hospital administration) to place requests for equipment through a portal. It could be for a medical equipment, for disinfection of a bed, transfer of patient, delivery of a document or test reports.
Administrative Dashboard
The support services (internal department or on premise service provider) gets notifications or alerts on the dashboard which features single page view of orders, and detailed views of orders- who has ordered, what is needed, where or which unit requires it, timeline –urgency level etc.
Work Allocation
The support service in-charge can view the staff availability and can assign orders accordingly. The status of the orders –whether accepted, assigned to whom, delayed or underway can be marked both by the supervisor and the staff as and when there is an update.
Advanced Features
Ease of Use – Switch between EHR and Order Tracking
RFID-based locator to trace medical equipment
Automatic tracking of medical equipment
Blockchain-enabled equipment flow
User location identification
Voice based order placement
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