Healthcare support and software development services
By eliminating inefficiencies, we help you focus on better patient care and improved clinical outcomes
Our Offerings
Synergy Healthcare Software Development Services
We offer a suite of proven digital healthcare software development services that empower providers to communicate and collaborate to deliver compassionate patient care.
Custom Healthcare Software Development
Planning, strategizing and implementation of holistic digital transformation of your enterprise with a range of solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our custom software, management and analytics services help to augment operations, enhance efficiency, improve clinical outcomes, and increase profits.
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Healthcare Web App Development
Building a strong healthcare community linked to your healthcare business and a number of other health resources - telehealth platform, remote monitoring, patient portal etc. We do not see it as just an application programming interface integration task. It is the foundation of a lifelong relationship you enter into with your patients.
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Healthcare Mobile App Development
Delivering device agnostic and personalized healthcare that answers the needs of every stakeholder –physician, patient, pharmacist, nurses, paramedics, insurer, suppliers, vendors and ancillary service providers. Robust and expandable to include patient engagement, hospital operations, medical practice, pharmacy management and clinical management modules.
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Healthcare Product Development
Harness disruptive technologies to improve the efficiency and productivity of caregivers while transforming patient care. Our joint collaboration for such an endeavor will be backed by rigorous product development process involving market research, identification of technology trends, consumer needs and competitor landscaping.
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Healthcare IT Consulting
Data-driven and analytics-based strategy plans can drive short-term goals and long-term vision. Our consultancy services are best availed when you need an impartial but expert viewpoint and guidance to stay ahead of competition and overcome challenges. It is a journey in which we pride ourselves on establishing a proactive rapport with every decision-maker.
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Synergy Healthcare Operations Services
We provide healthcare operations support services thereby helping improve efficiency and enabling caregivers to focus on patients.
Patient Movement & Safety
With the help of our software solutions, we can take over scheduling, admissions, bed allocation, lab tests, blood sample collection, and discharge to ultimately help you manage patient flow. Safety and compliance can also be monitored real-time or through regular audits using digital solutions. There is no reason to lock in precious hours of consulting physicians to take care of what is essentially a support service. Support service staff will benefit from automated, error-free communication and status reports generated electronically.
Improved doctor-patient engagement
Better healing environment
Greater efficiency
Smooth collaboration
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Equipment Order, Pickup & Cleaning
Our interoperable solutions provide caregivers easy access to inventory status and permit digital order placement of equipment thereby unburdening them from administrative chores. Similarly support services are empowered with digital tracking systems that guide and alert them on cleaning protocols, status tracking and compliance; sterilization processes, bed turnover rates, sharps waste management and audit documentation.
Error-free and timely order placement & fulfillment
Adherence to high standards of cleanliness and quality care
Elimination of inefficiencies in operations
Collaborative patient-centric care
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