Agility is critical for healthcare operations
Through our solutions, we enable hospitals improve patient outcomes
We build innovative software solutions to enhance collaboration between caregivers and support services staff
Our Story
Healthcare is complex.  A single entity cannot have all the answers — but when two zealous professionals, one with a penchant for disruptive digital technologies and the other with the tenacity to translate vision to operational excellence, come together — creative solutions flow! That in essence is how Synergy HospitalWare Solutions was born.

After working on a custom-built solution to manage supply chain, logistics, resources and operations at a large (bedded) American Hospital, healthtech innovator Vinod Subbaiah and healthcare operations expert Isaiah E. Silvah are on a mission to replicate this success at all healthcare facilities. Their vision: to make Synergy Hospital Ware Solutions the go-to place for all hospital operation needs.
Years of high caliber healthcare domain leadership experience
Services & Solutions currently being used by leading hospitals in America
Projects deployed to address critical needs of hospitals, pharmacies, and patients
Countries as our global presence spreads across healthcare facilities
Our Leadership Team
Synergy HospitalWare Solutions is led by a team of committed healthcare professionals who believe in leveraging technology to address operational inefficiencies and deliver high quality patient care.
Vinod Subbaiah
With a graduate degree in Computer Science and over 20 years of experience in software development under his belt, Vinod is an industry expert with a deep understanding of myriad software solutions and technology consulting. Cultivating his entrepreneurial spirit to the fullest, he has worked with many healthcare organizations to deliver broad-sighted software solutions. Vinod's extensive background includes spearheading innovative projects, leading cross-functional teams, and architecting robust software systems.

His passion for staying at the forefront of technology trends has resulted in a track record of crafting cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency and drive business growth. His unwavering commitment to excellence and his ability to bridge the gap between complex technical concepts and practical business solutions is one of the reasons he is a highly sought-after thought leader in the field.
Isaiah E.Silva
Isaiah has 20+ years healthcare experience providing guidance, technical support, and operations management for many areas within a hospital environment.  His focus is to streamline operations to increase healthcare efficiency, minimize costs, and to enhance patient outcomes.  He has developed and implemented numerous programs along with various management assessments for medical facilities.  Some projects include improving and optimizing the administration of regulatory compliance documentation, equipment management and tracking systems, waste reduction initiatives, etc.

Isaiah’s ability to leverage his experience, technical knowledge, education, and vision affords him an aptitude for out-of-the-box thinking in order to support, manage, or initiate interdisciplinary teams to navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape.
Daniel O'Korn, COO
Daniel O’Korn
Daniel is an experienced healthcare professional with 8+ years in support services operations focusing on systems and technology.  A graduate from Bridgewater State University with a degree in General Management, he has helped stabilize and maintain operations for our clients while bringing innovative ideas and systems into daily practice.  His ability to understand the client’s needs and to incorporate technology has allowed him to build strong relationships and trust with our clients.

He uses his technical expertise, client relations, and project management skills to support application design and implementation to enhance support services operations throughout healthcare.
Rahul Jain, CTO
Rahul Jain
Rahul is a seasoned professional with a degree in Information Technology and over a decade of invaluable experience. His career journey has been marked by significant contributions within multinational software service organizations. Since 2017, he has made many businesses successful by architecting game changing solutions for them. In this role as Solution Architect, Rahul harnessed his profound technical insights and expertise to lead his teams to remarkable success.

Rahul plays a pivotal role in the daily interactions with our client teams, offering them exceptional guidance and laying a robust architectural foundation for a multitude of our software solutions. His dedication, technical acumen, and client-focused approach make him an indispensable asset to our team, ensuring the continued excellence of our software offerings.
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