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Experience the potential of healthcare technology to improve both patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes
Orders fulfilled / month
Equipment managed / month
Audit scans / month
We believe in pushing the limits to deliver the best results
Comprehensive suite of Healthcare services
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Cutting edge Solution to provide quality care
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Synergy Advantage
We understand our customers, appreciate their vision and are equipped to help them realize their goals.
Smooth adoption
We help healthcare organizations embrace new technologies and facilitate integration of existing systems and solutions where feasible. We are not here to reinvent the wheel.
Scalable design
Though we may be called in to develop a piece of customized software, we make sure it is capable of serving future expanding needs.
Lifecycle Management
We will handhold you through the development lifecycle. With our expertise guiding ideation, prototyping, QA testing, and deployment, we will be there to tackle the unexpected.
24/7 Support
We have the flexibility to continue providing 24/7 support or implement a long-haul digital transformation plan, while you focus on your business.
Digitized inventory management solution
It started out as custom solution to facilitate equipment audit and bedside order fulfillment. It is now being extended to transport patients around the sprawling hospital complex!
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Radical Reduction in Turnaround Time
Key to efficient hospital operations is timely delivery of medical supplies, rapid turnaround time to meet equipment needs and smooth co-ordination for blood sample tests. Based on a deep understanding of hospital logistics and healthcare IT, we leverage intelligent tracking technologies like GPS, RFID and bar coding to ensure:
Order status follow-up and completion
Real-time location of delivery personnel
Just-in-time delivery
Optimal patient flow

Specialized Programs for On-site Effectiveness

With an eye on regulatory compliance, we train teams to utilize resources judiciously and achieve operational efficiency. Our hospital management activities include the movement of sterile items, medical equipment, trolleys and beds with clear process guidelines for cleaning, collecting and detecting defects.

Cleaning and disinfection process
Secure collection of documents
Safe disposal of medical sharps waste
Data analytics to improve workflow
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